Founded in 2019 with the aim of leaving a unique mark in the sector, our company has gained a solid place in this field by focusing on the production and export of woven and knitted garments since our inception.

Global Vision,
Local Success.

Maintaining competitive capacity in line with our values, increasing market share, achieving and maintaining leadership in all product groups in the markets we participate in as a global company.

Our Brands

Our brands within our organization.

Cht group textile Our company has started to produce and export garments on woven and knitted garments since 2019, taking firm steps forward in the textile sector. With the Women’s, Men’s and Children’s products we produce, we continue to serve Europe and many countries with the principles of high quality, reliability and fast service. With our Showroom, Model Shop, Sewing Shop, Ironing Package, and Administrative Offices within the internal structure of our factory, we are manufacturing and exporting quickly with a monthly production capacity of 200.000 – 250.000 pieces with 98 employees. Embroidery and printing and all our suppliers working under our company have production certificates in accordance with European standards.

Customer Comments

Working with Cht Group Tekstil is very satisfying, thanks to its products that comply with high quality standards and fast deliveries. The company's team is very helpful.

Ahmet Ilgaz

The elegance and quality of Cey Group Tekstil impresses me again every season. The attention given to details in their products and their reliability are the biggest reasons why I choose them.

Seher Selvi

Cht Group Tekstil's products attract attention not only with their quality but also with their environmental friendliness. It is important for me to support the sustainable production of this company.

Hasan Tanas

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